The first step in being an effective leader or individual is to be clear on your vision for the future, whether inside an organization or in your personal life. Create a plan that utilizes your strengths to lead inside and outside the organization. 


Having an ability to be agile in this complex world is invaluable to you as you progress towards your goals.  What tools do you use to be agile when roadblocks occur, and how do you evaluate your progress as your move towards your vision.


Finding purpose in what you do every day creates a positive approach to working effectively. To succeed, it is no longer enough to generate high profits, but you also need to answer questions regarding your role in your wider community. As you contemplate what impact looks like for you as an individual and a leader, you are responsible in creating an environment where others can connect to you and to the work they are doing to support impact in the greater good of the world.  Use this as you create and attain your own vision and the impact you are making at work and in your life.

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