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Success Stories

Executive Director of Operations, Global Telecommunications Company

THE NEED: This executive accepted an ex-pat assignment to turn around a Manila-based operations team that was not producing. The engagement included conducting 360’s for himself and the leadership team and building a culture of accountability and courage in communication. Follow-up coaching provided consistency and sustainability to respect the culture of the region, and also increase accountability and communication to meet the group’s goals.

RESULT: After several months of coaching and facilitation of workshops around communication and accountability, the executive had built a higher level of trust with his team, which were able to create awareness of how they were seen by others, remained authentic to themselves, built trust with their own team and peers, and executed and achieved their goals.

Executive Director of Planning and Strategy, Global Tobacco Company

THE NEED: The Executive Director, who had recently been promoted into this new role, needed help sharpening his leadership skills to reflect his current role and responsibilities.

RESULT: With stakeholder interviews and three-way meetings with his direct leader and Human Resources, goals were created to bring his capabilities to a higher level within the organization. As a result of coaching and behavioral changes, the leader began to exhibit the confidence and leadership skills required to execute on a vision that goes beyond normal expectations, and engagement from his team to create an impact on the business overall.

VP of Marketing, American multinational package delivery and supply chain management company

THE NEED: This leader had been promoted into a corporate role, and became aware that her communication style was causing issues with senior leadership.

RESULT: After conducting stakeholder interviews, and coaching, she shifted her communication style building trust with the leadership team. She also shifted her leadership style to build trust with her team which resulted in engaging in bigger goals/ vision that changed the direction of new products the company would offer.

CEO, Technical Services Provider

THE NEED: The Executive needed to re-engage after mentally stepping away from his role and responsibilities because the culture had become toxic.

RESULT: After several workshops with the team on aligning vision, values, and communication, and one-on-one coaching with the Executive, the team began to communicate more and align on the goals. The Executive re-engaged, exhibiting solid leadership with his direct reports and his organization to build engagement and trust, and creating purpose within the organization. The company is now committed to common goals and the overall achievement of those goals.

VP Product Call Center, Global Food and Drink Company

THE NEED: The Executive utilized a 360° assessment to identify areas of improvement. His desire was to increase organizational capability and sharpen his skills in developing and executing strategy.

RESULT: Coaching was very instrumental in changing the way the leader communicated with his organization, inspiring a shared vision, and managed the development of his organization. With coaching and facilitated work sessions with the team, it created awareness and trust within the team to step out of their comfort zones to tackle larger issues with success.

CIO, International Healthcare Company

THE NEED: This leader was re-assigned from Germany headquarters to be the CIO of the US location and to help acclimate the new US-based company with their culture. In the process, this leader also needed help adapting to US culture.

RESULT: After conducting stakeholder interviews, Susan coached this leader on how he is interpreted and how he can be more effective.