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“Why use an X-Ray (Competencies) when what you need is an MRI (Traits that create or detract from performance because of the climate created by the leader’s character).”

Great teams are not an accident…

The leader that operates from integrity and is able to build trust through their personal example. creates a climate where the team can bring their most creative selves. The leader who knows their own strengths and the strengths of others builds a true TEAM with shared-leadership, not just a group of people working in competition with one another. The psychological impact that a leader has on a team is, bar none, the most important set of factors we can measure to ascertain whether the climate will produce or block innovation.


Character Strengths Create Innovation in Leadership, Team Climate & Culture

The Tilt suite of tools can predict leadership that will create a climate for innovation and it does so with precision, accuracy and reliability. Unlike competency assessments that you make up yourself, these tools are a thoroughly researched set of factors that come together to assess whether the leader has the character strengths needed for effective leadership and teams.

Tilt 365

Four executives, each in a personal crisis of their own making, suddenly find themselves thrown together on a sailboat in the Caribbean to embark on an adventure that will change them forever. Nothing is as it seems, as they wrestle with their demons and attempt to unravel the puzzle they have been given to solve together. TRUE TILT brings to life the Tilt Leadership Model in the lives of four modern heroes and helps them to transcend their own interests to discover bold, creative purpose lives within them!

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